Outdoor Dreaming

I wish I was an outdoors person but really I’m just a thinks-about-the-outdoors person. I’ve watched tons of films detailing harrowing mountain climbing and backpacking expeditions but if you looked at my outdoors resume there wouldn’t be much to see.

Still, I dream of the outdoors. More accurately, really, I dream of becoming an outdoors person.

There is something magical about people who have dedicated their lives to spending time in nature. They have aligned themselves with values that society hasn’t really encouraged (think: living in a van, risk taking, etc.) and relentlessly pursue goals most wouldn’t even imagine. It seems like they live a rich internal life, unbothered by chaos of the exterior around them. All that matters is where they’ll go and what they’ll do next. Everybody I’ve ever met that’s an outdoors person” has a certain zen-like air which I can’t seem to properly describe. That’s the magic.

It’s kind of a chicken or the egg situation though. Are outdoors people magical because being in the outdoors made them that way or are people that are attracted to the outdoors just more likely to have certain personality traits? In the end it doesn’t really matter, I’d like to be like them either way. But first, I need to stop writing blog posts from my bed and actually go outside.

Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and outdoors people are actually completely normal, stressed out members of society but until I’m proven wrong I’ll continue believing they’ve found some magical zen through being in the outdoors. Maybe I’ll offend a few mountain-goers with my generalizations or maybe an epic climber will laugh at how naive I am for writing this…who cares! (Plus I’m pretty sure no one reads this blog.)

If you’re an outdoors person who can provide insight into why you’re so cool please email me!

January 2, 2021

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