Google As a Second Brain

I think Google might be taking over some of my brain’s key functions. Confused about something? Look it up. Wondering what to cook for dinner? Look it up. Bored and need some random media to pass the time? Look it up. Need a gift for a close friend but don’t know what they would like? Look it up.

I don’t have any problem with search engines, I literally wouldn’t know how to get two miles down the road without a map from one of them. But, it’s disturbing to me that I rely on algorithms and popular results to make key decisions about my life. Google settles my arguments, fills my empty conversations and suggests the best way to spend time with someone. And that’s just scratching the surface. We talk a lot about how social media is transforming, and quite possibly ruining, our ability to connect with people but I think search engines are playing a big part in that, too.

Google should be a tool, not a lifestyle and I think I’m drifting a little too close to becoming a Googler” and not someone that googles things”.

October 13, 2020

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